Project Description


suitable for indoors
dimensions h x d x w (mm): 1581 x 535 x 460
size with A4 printer H x D x W (mm): 1581 x 600 x 460
weight: approx. 40 kg (55 kg)
the case is made of sheet steel
access to the computer, monitor and printer through a lockable door
degree of protection IP 20 B, IEC 529: 1989
surface finish and color of your choice (komaxit, car paint)
ready for 15 “LCD with touch screen
possibility of mounting a 17 “LCD rotated by 90 °
monitor center height (mm): 1355
monitor tilt 10 °
A PC is mounted on the chassis of the Information Kiosk
industrial thermal printer LTP 2442 – 112 mm
industrial thermal printer LTP 2342 – 80 mm
OkiPage B4300

membrane with Touchpad
stainless steel without pointing device
stainless steel with touchpad
stainless steel with trackball
Mini Cherry
Mini Cherry with touchpad
Mini Cherry with trackball
Plastic Touchpad
Stainless steel optical Trackball

Chip and magnetic card reader
Barcode scanner
Alarm system
Motion sensor
Industrial telephone receiver
Coin acceptor
Coin safe

Price calculation
Datasheet 1
Datasheet 2


Sample installations