About Us

Infos Art s.r.o. company produces kiosks terminals since 1994 and belongs among biggest kiosks producers and manufacturers in the Czech Republic with thousands of installations. We have our own design and construction department and at the same time we are able to produce kiosks according to the customer’s wishes and designs.

In touch screen kiosks we use technologies – surface acoustic wave (SAW, IntelliTouch, SecureTouch), infrared sensors (infra) and capacitive (pCap) touch technology. These technologies do not have time drift, they are very accurate and suitable even in extreme conditions. At the same time we distribute these sensors in the Czech Republic.
Each Information Kiosk can be built with a full PC, LCD and LED display or monitor with protective glass, touchscreen and speakers. It is also possible to place chip and magnetic card readers, thermal printers, cameras, keyboards, security equipment and other peripherals.

For reliable operation of the information kiosk, we recommend the Win 10 operating system and a secure kiosk browser SiteKiosk with virtual keyboard (downloadable demo version) or Mozilla PowerTouch-based Linux version for Intranet and Internet browsing.

One of our most important customer is the state administration, e.g. the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which has purchased more than 400 kiosks. We export kiosks to Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Finland, Russia and Slovakia.

We offer a wide range of internal and external kiosks, which are constantly expanded with new models. We also produce custom kiosks, custom design. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where you can find us

You can visit us at Prostejov

Barákova 5, 79601 Prostějov
Phone: +420 588 882 111 Website: www.kiosks.cz

Photographs from our production, which is also located in Prostejov