Project Description


suitable for exterior (but also interior) for hanging on the wall
short Economy 19 “- dimensions h x d x w (mm): 540 x 445 x 96
extended Economy 19 “- dimensions h x d x w (mm): 910 x 445 x 96
short Economy 19 “- weight: approx. 30 kg
extended Economy 19 “- weight: approx. 40 kg
the kiosk is made of steel or stainless steel sheet of 2 mm
access to LCD front lockable part (tilting forward)
degree of protection IP 44, IEC 529: 1989
surface finish and color according to your choice (komaxit)
15 “, 17”, 19 “, 22”, 26 “or 32” LCD with secure touch screen (LCD is rotated 90 ° – portrait mode)
monitor tilt 0 °
Mini PC or PC is located behind the wall (cabling is led through an opening in the wall)
This kiosk is a good replacement for wall mounted kiosks.

Other peripherals:
Alarm system

Price calculation


Sample installations