Panel indoor

suitable for interior and exterior
19 “, 22”, 27 “, 32”, 37 “, 42” or 46 “LCD touch screen landscape or rotated by 90 °, portrait mode
Height of monitor center height (mm): 1475
dimensions of the kiosk with a 42 ” monitor in portrait mode, h x h x w (mm): 2065 x 120 x 754
dimensions of the kiosk with a 42 “monitor in landscape mode, H x D x W (mm): 1830 x 145 x 1100
weight of kiosk with 42 “monitor: approx. 80 kg
the case is made of sheet steel
access to computer, monitor by lockable door
degree of protection IP 20 B, IEC 529: 1989
surface finish and color of your choice (komaxit, car paint)
the computer is in the kiosk cabinet
Chip and magnetic card reader, RFID
Barcode scanner
Alarm system
Motion sensor
Price calculation


Sample installations